It starts with a single thought on a train, I still don’t want the ride to stop, I love staring through the window slowly taking in the scenery as I listen to the tracks, musical acoustics of vibrations.

I like the white noise of the train, the secluded glances of its mysterious passengers, I think it’s all a movie scene from a blockbuster rental where the movie posters profits a louder scream than its content, the voice at every stop as I announce to myself the departure and arrival of a new mystery.

 A never ending movie where the afro-girl in the blue chucks never dies, lets press on to what awaits me at the end of the train’s destination, a eulogy.

You are probably wondering who I am…well I’m……not sure yet, still trying to figure that out.

At the meantime I am your average wallflower, the misunderstood product of a 70′s indie record, a sitting duck in an industrializing world willing to paint young minds with numbers. Stupid but cautious….now that you’ve got a blurry picture (I hope) , this might be fun, the train’s stopped….the movie’s ended…the director scream’s “Cut”,  I hit a stop on the track as I pack my mini mouse bag and head out into the world.